December 18, 2008

Wedding Do's & Don'ts

Over the next 2 posts, I will give you my Top 10 Wedding Do's & Don'ts. This is just my own personal list nothing etched in stone, but I do hope it makes your planning process a little easier!

Top 10 Do's for your wedding:

  1. Do select your ceremony & reception site at least 9 to 12 months before your wedding.
  2. Do check with your ceremony site for additional hidden fees for site rental. {ask me I have recent stories of hidden fees in contracts that are unbelievable}
  3. Do consider hiring a wedding planner at least for the Day of the Ceremony. {your sanity is very important, and you will be so happy you did!!}
  4. Do take advantage of online planning sites, there's a plethora of knowledge out there. {Check sites like Ashleys Bride Guide,, Wedding Wire, Wedding Bee}
  5. When purchasing your gown, be realistic if you plan lose a few pounds before the big day! {Dresses can easily be taken in, but sometimes impossible to let out!} Keep it Real!
  6. Do Consider having a receiving line after your ceremony {if time permits} not all guest who attend your ceremony will attend your reception. This gives them time to give you their well wishes!
  7. Do find out deadlines for changes in your contract with all your wedding vendors.
  8. Do schedule any facial procedures at least 2 weeks before the ceremony. {you will thank me when you see your wedding photos}
  9. Do remember to thank your attendants for being apart of your special day!
  10. Do remember to take in special moments of your wedding day! {I advise all my brides to pause before taking that first step down the aisle...its a breathtaking moment & to take a few minutes during your reception to take in the moment!}

Do you have any "Wedding Do's" to share? If so leave a comment, we love comments!!

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