December 22, 2008

New Twitter Series.....New Years Resolutions

I will be starting a New Series on Twitter today! {Most Common & Over rated NY Resolutions}!!

I honestly have not made a NY Resolution since 2007, thanks to The Secret & other self help books! I focus my attention on vision books or boards. I have a vision book for both personal & for my business. You know "where there is no vision the people perish"......

However for the masses that have not been hipped to the Vision board or book, I will give you the most common & most used {New Years Resolutions} in my Twitter Series!!!

What is your New Years Resolution??? Will you stick to it? We {heart comments} so let us know!!


letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

I no longer make resolutions b/c I NEVER keep them! I, like yourself have a "vision book" or a goal book as I call it. It's for the business and full of short term and long term items I'd like to accomplish, I note how to accomplish them then I check them off as I go. This works much better!

hillary robson said...

For years, I'd do the whole "lose eight thousand pound" resolution. You know, the totally ridiculous
"I'm eating only cottage cheese and celery, and drinking black coffee and diet soda" diet that results in a sickening crash and makes you stuff your face full of pepperoni pizza, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and peanuts. Peanuts. Gosh, they are so good! No wonder resolutions NEVER work for me...

A. Latrice said...

Ok Hillary I am getting hungry just reading your comments!

"Now Class can we say Moderation together"
*Class* Moderation

Bump that...lets eat!!