December 3, 2008

My frolic to the local Chocolatier

Chocolate is top of the list of things that help me destress, so when I heard about a new local hotspot in the heart of Germantown, I summoned the company of a good friend to help me rate The Cocoa Tree! First glance, I was in love with the chic decor & the rich chocolate/blue color palette, but also the aroma of chocolate, chocolate...everywhere!! It was cocoa heaven.

I must say that we took the safe route with the Hot Cocoa and ordered the traditional cocoa with whipped creme, but oh it hit every taste bud that we had. It was like drinking the best chocolate bar you've ever had! The service was excellent upon our arrival, and the atmosphere was wonderful, definitely a place that I will frequent. Upon finishing the great cocoa we were greeted by Bethany the owner & Chocolatier, I shared with her that I was a wedding planner and boy did that open that gates to all the goodies she can offer to Nashville brides, which is oodles of chocolate bliss! Here are just a few of their luxe options for brides:
  • Truffle tier cake/bar
  • Individual favors with customized boxes & colors
  • Hot cocoa bar for receptions. The Cocoa Tree can deliver & setup.
  • Chocolate Tastings
  • Plus so much more, she works well with planners & also the future bride & groom

The Truffle bar is really to die for, there are so many options, not to mention the cheesecake. It was so hard to choose so we tried the Toffee, Shannon's Peppermint & a shot of the Mayan Hot Chocolate. I am definitely going back soon, for the chocolate dipped peppermint sticks for a upcoming holiday party!

Chic decor & great customized gift boxes Bethany is on the left! For more information on this great new hotspot, check out The Cocoa Tree!
The Cocoa Tree
1200 5th Ave. North, STE 104
Nashville, TN 37208
phone: (615) 255-5060

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CDS said...

I read about this in the City Paper. However, the pictures of the store and the goodies make me want to check it out! I'm not even one who is that into chocolate either!