December 26, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Its hard to believe that Christmas was yesterday, and we are quickly approaching a New Year! The day after Christmas for most people is simply a great day for shopping to catch those great after Christmas sales on clothes & Christmas decoration! Well as a bride & especially during this time when the economy is not the greatest, is the perfect opportunity for a "Recessionista Bride" to capitalize on after Christmas specials for decor & other great box gift sets that could be used for your wedding & bridal party gifts.

In my former life, I had an extensive merchandising & retail management background, so this time of year I am at my peak of catching items for the next season or gifts for the coming year! I definitely would deem myself a savvy shopper and planner because I really do plan ahead & look toward the coming year! I was the "Queen" of text messaging my friends about great after the holiday deals!

As a "Recessionista Bride" on a budget or maybe not even on a tight budget, but wanting those extra whimsical items & wow factors for your decor, the day after Christmas sales are the best! Combining the chic decor items found at stores like Pier 1, Target, Old Time Pottery Z-Gallerie, and other great stores with a little creativity & imagination you are sure to snag some great items for the Low!

Box gift sets {My favorite} me the master of making 1 box set into at least 2 great gifts. For example, I have my eye on these great wine glasses {Set of 4} at Pier 1, not very holiday looking but uber chic but in the store system they are considered "Holiday or Seasonal". My thought is to break up the set of 4 glasses into sets of 2, combine some great cheese and a reasonable price bottle of wine & that makes for a very nice gift basket for a housewarming, bridal shower, etc. Let your creativity run wild, but look for sets or multiples.

Also those holiday gift sets like the stainless steel mugs, flask gift sets, or pocket knives....Great for Groomsmen gifts & at 50+% off the marked price, you can get them customized at your local monogram or engraving shop for a personalized & unique gift. Who has to know when there were purchased?? {I sure won't tell} With a little creativity you are sure to the deemed a Recessionista Bride with great taste!!

Here's my list of items that you can look for over the next 15 days from retailers slashing prices that are sure to fit in perfect with your wedding day or shower concept:
  • Candles regular & LED candles
  • White christmas lights
  • Hurricane candle holders
  • Vase fillers
  • Wine glass or martini glass sets
  • Holiday gift sets
  • Charger plates
  • Dried floral
  • Clear ornaments
  • Candle holders/Lanterns
  • Place card holders
  • Clear plastic plates, cups & utensils {Great for showers}
  • "Not so holiday" looking paper napkins & plates {Great for showers}
  • Decorative Ribbon & Bows {great pew markers}
  • Box gift sets....think Groomsmen gifts
  • Gift bags {not the holiday design}
  • Home decor...the possibilities are endless

Call me if you need a shopping buddy...I am always down for a shopping trip!!!

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