November 25, 2008

Weekly Reader Series

I thought I would start sharing some of my weekly reads. I have been an avid reader since I was young. Some months more than others, but I at least read a book per week, most times 3-5 books per month. My love for reading stemmed from seeing my Grandma reading but also my childhood neighbor Mrs. Chestine! Being from a smaller town in Kentucky, community was very important. Picture this...Liberty Street (my childhood address) had Mrs. Chestine (my Mothers Elementary school teacher) as a neighbor, & also Mrs. Brooks (the wife of the Doctor that delivered me...). Not to families backyard was in plain view of my Mothers childhood home. Can you say, it really does take a village to raise a child!

As a child & up until I went away to college, I would see Mrs. Chestine sitting on her porch reading, she loved Oprah & good literature. One summer day I remember like it was yesterday I was outside & she called me across the street to sit with her. We had a talk that I would never forget, it was about the importance of higher education, reading and being a strong woman. Now to know Mrs. Chestine, she had a very quiet & wise spirit so when she talked....we all listened. Mrs. Chestine passed away a few years ago, however I now have a piece of her legacy in my bedroom & its my reading chair!

So this weeks read that I would like to share is: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship by John M. Gotten & Nan Silver

This is a great book for couples that are newly engaged, thinking of getting engaged & also married couples. Please be advised that I do not advise reading this book in the place of marriage counseling as I firmly believe in marriage counseling with a Pastor or Spiritual Advisor. This book talks about the importance of open communication in a marriage & will also provide you will great exercises to do with your mate as well as quizzes & checklist. Its wonderful to have a grande wedding, but also take some time to invest in the marriage that will ultimately last a lifetime!

Happy reading!

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