October 18, 2008

Its in the shoes

I remember the ol' commerical of Michael "Air" Jordan flying through the air to the basketball goal & the Nike commerical would simply say...."Its in the Shoes"! That made every guy I know back in high school want a pair of Air Jordans!

You can learn alot about a woman by her shoes & her attitude for the day! Your shoes can make a bold statement to any classic clothes pairing, by giving it a lil' kick! As you are selecting your shoes for the wedding maybe consider adding a 'lil kick' or spice of color, they are sure to create a conversation piece & get your beau involved by adding a splash of color with his socks.

Sigeron Morrison is one of many of my favorite shoes designers & they now have a collection for Target!! Take a peak at these pairings for inspiration:

Photo credit: Target & Burlington Photo credit: Target & J.Crew

So spice it up & don't be afraid to add color!

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