October 1, 2008

Beauty Tidbit

Its good to schedule any facial treatments at least 2 weeks prior to your ceremony. There is nothing worse than getting your pictures back & they reveal red blotches on your skin from your recent facial services.

I recently had a facial procedure done & was consulting with Jennifer Bibeau (who is wonderful by the way) and she shared a beauty tidbit with me that I just had to share with you! Did you know that Botox (yeah I said the B-word) is actually good to stop underarm sweating? {It's news to me too} This is genius for those brides that have excessive underarm sweating. According to Jennifer the procedure last for 4 months and it literally takes 10-15 minutes to have the procedure done. Consider this as an option, and it will also save your wonderful wedding dress from stains under the arms!!

To find out more information & also to schedule any facial care services, please contact Jennifer Bibeau!!

Feel free to email her at: jbibeau@getwellclinics.com or log on to the Dermea Website!

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