September 28, 2008

The Wait is Over!!!!

Whose watching Desperate Housewives tonight.......Meeeeee!!!!


Le'Penn Designs said...

Hi Latrice :)

Okay, i'm SO LATE on how GOOD desperate housewives is. I watched my first full episode (a very old, original episode and sad I know) the other day and I instantly fell in love. I have to get on the band wagon with this show very soon, lol

Have a great was the bridal show?

A. Latrice said...


OMG you are late on the Desperate Housewives bandwagon! We will have to get you up to speed. I was hooked after the first season.
The Bridal Expo is tomorrow, I will post pics soon!

Go to your nearest video store & rent all the DVD Box Sets of DH to catch up!!

Have a great weekend!