September 3, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Jennifer Creed Photographer

I am so excited to do this vendor spotlight, Jennifer Creed is an up & coming photographer in South Central & Eastern Kentucky & we will have the chance to work together on a upcoming October wedding.
She oozes with talent and creativity and I can't wait to see her career take off....well it is already taking off even as a student at Western Kentucky University so actually the sky is the limit!!!

I would like to introduce Jennifer Creed!

1. What inspired you to start your own photography business? Well, my dad owns his own business (in the technology/engineering field) so I think it was kind of in my blood to be a business owner! I love the freedom of it, and photography has always been one of my true passions. Basically, God started opening doors, I listened, and I LOVE where it's going!

2. What is your favorite moment of a wedding shoot? My favorite moment of any wedding is immediately after the ceremony. Everyone does things a little differently, but the love, joy, and energy is always the same! Whether a couple goes off on their own for a few minutes, or stays and celebrates with their bridal party, it's always incredibly sweet!

3. What are the last 5 songs you listened to on your ipod or MP3? Haha this could be embarassing...yay for shuffle on iPod!-"Love Song"-Sara Bareilles-"Firecracker"-Josh Turner-"Bubbly"-Colbie Caillat-"This Side"-Nickel Creek-"When in Rome"-Nickel Creek

4. Where do you find your inspiration? It sounds cheesy, but I really find my main inspiration from the people I'm working with. I love figuring out what makes them who they are, what makes them beautiful from the inside out. I love to bring out the special smiles that maybe everyone doesn't get to see, but that the people who know them best will recognize in a heartbeat. Ah! I love it!

5. Outside of photography, what are some of your favorite things to do? I really love just spending a cozy night in with my husband, watching a movie and eating pizza! My best friend and I have also been known to go over to each others houses to hang out and proceed to sit on our laptops browsing our favorite websites the whole time haha.

6. Name 1 thing that you use daily that you can't live without? My laptop! I have a list of favorite photographer blogs I check pretty much every day, plus Facebook of course haha.

7. Where is your favorite place so far to shoot weddings or events? Hmm...that's a tough one. I would have to say just about anywhere outdoors. There's something about being out in creation that just really makes things come together for me! Especially in the fall :)

8. What qualities should a couple look for in hiring a photographer? Good question! There's so many things. I'll pick 3. ;-) 1. I think it's super important to make sure you mesh well with your photographer. You should feel comfortable with them and really trust them, and even feel like friends! The more comfortable and trusting you are with your photographer, the more relaxed and natural (and beautiful!) you will look in your pictures. 2. Don't settle on style! Every photographer is going to be a little different style-wise. Don't be afraid to look around and find someone who really shows the type of images that speak to you and that you would love to see yourself in. 3. Make sure that who you hire produces consistent work; don't be afraid to ask to see a whole wedding. When you think about it, your pictures are going to be one of the few tangible things left after the wedding day when the cake is eaten and the flowers are wilted. You deserve someone who will work just as hard to capture your special day as you did planning it!

Favorite Images:

(Silhouette) This image was second shot with Clinton Lewis of Clinton Lewis Photojournalism in Bowling Green, Ky. I love having a few private moments with the new couple!


(Bridal) Don't be afraid to get your dress a little dirty ;-)


(Shoes) I love details!

(Getting Ready) The energy during getting ready time is so crazy! I love it!

(Dress) I love details!

(Dancing) Looove the intimate moments between the couple at the reception!

For more information about Jennifer Creed, please visit her website & blog!

Contact via email: & she's open to travel!!

or at 859.433.6855


david said...

Love that second shot by the stable door!

Joy Marie
Joy Marie Photography

Destiny said...

You two are both AMAZING! I can't wait to have you share in my day. Reading this interview energized me for the big day!!