September 22, 2008

Custom Bridal Jewelry Designs

I met this wonderful custom jewelry designer while online & she has a fabulous Etsy shoppe! You guys know how much I {heart} etsy!

I would like to introduce Designs by Danusia!

What is your jewelry design process? While I strive to make every part of my work is fresh, different and heartfelt - I'd love to tell you a bit about the custom work I do for bridal parties, because as far as I know - the approach is really one-of-a-kind.

What specific information do you get from brides to create your custom jewelry designs? I start by working very closely with the bride, to find out about the personalities of the members of her bridal party, as well as about the special relationship that the bride has with each of the women in her bridal party. From there, everything is built completely custom - the stones and shapes are chosen to specifically reflect that individual and what she means to the bride.

What supplies do you enjoy working with on your designs?

I typically choose to work with vintage supplies - which makes for designs that are both somewhat eco-friendly as well as limited , since the number of pieces of a design that I can make is decided by the quantities I have available of a particular component.

How do you work with "budget brides" since custom work always vary in prices? Given the completely custom and time-consuming nature of creating pieces like this - it becomes very challenging to find quality materials when working with a budget of less than about $50-75 per person. At that point, I would recommend doing the same design for each person - these still include a note, but the note is personalized to the bridal party rather than each individual.

Other circumstances where doing one design for the entire bridal party might be a better option include: bride doesn't feel confident that she knows each bridesmaid well enough to make a personalized choice (often the case with future sisters-in-law); bridesmaids are all similar ages and have similar tastes, and bride is concerned that bridesmaids may like each other's piece better than their own.

What other special touches do you bride brides in creating your custom designs? I write accompanying letters, from a bridal party collection to describe their custom piece & the significance of the stones that are selected.

Take a peek at an example of a custom design bridesmaid bracelet!

The Bridal necklace collection is wonderful & very unique, if you are looking for simple or dramatic she creates varying styles! These however are my favorites!

So check out Designs by Danusia for custom bridal jewelry for yourself or your Maids!!!

Her shoppe is Designs by Danusia & you can convo her on etsy or send an email to:


Heather Thorne Photography said...

great blog! And congrats on this feature, Danusia. Beautiful work!!

A. Latrice said...

Thanks so much! I love your work as well!! Stop by often as I will return the favor!!