September 19, 2008

Beauty Confessions

Ok, I must confess....Huuuhhhhh, I LOVE beauty products!! I share this love with one of my good friends who we will refer to as "CS"! In my former life I worked as a Management Executive for Target Corporation for about 7 years. Over those 7 years, of course working for the mega retail giant, I have tried all kinds of products, brands & styles.

Well I fell in love with a particular makeup line, that really shocked me by the quality. I am a MAC girl for foundation, lip liners & lip glass & Bobbi Brown for blush & eyes...HOWEVER E.L.F is playing a huge 3rd for additional products. My good friend "CS" is aware of my "product obsession" and gave me a mega gift pack of E.L.F lip glosses! They are wonderful, considering I eat my lip gloss off in a matter of hours but this lip gloss has lots of shine & it comes in about 8 different shades!! (Fab!!!)

I dropped into my neighborhood Target store to pick up a few items & I always pick up this item no matter what in case I ever run low. To my surprise Target had updated their cosmetics department with all these higer end cosmetic lines BUT there was no E.L.F? I literally was in panic mode, I saw a team member close by & I asked "hey what happened to the E.L.F. line?" She broke the news that they were no longer carrying the product due to all the new cosmetic lines. A surge of emotion came over me, I was heart broken and really kinda ticked off! I mean I use to get that information 1st hand & now it was gone & I was at the end of my last tube.

This is the product that I can't live without...

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara its $1.00 & it really does tame your brows in between brow threading appointments. This is my great Lip gloss gift set $8.00 & has great shine!! Good news, I stopped by the neighborhood Target tonight.....& its back!!!! I purchased 4 tubes just to be on the safe side.......I feel so much better making that confession! ;-)

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