September 24, 2008

09' Wedding Trend Prediction by Mindy Weiss

I had the pleasure of attending the discussion & book signing with Mindy Weiss, the Wedding Diva and the author of The Wedding Book at Davis Kidd in Green Hills last Wednesday It really was great, to have her one-on-one attention to ask questions but to also listen to her great stories, she was so funny! I invited an upcoming bride to join me, because she is all about having a fab wedding!

Mindy discussed some of the Wedding Trends for 2009 and some of her tips and ideas, here they are:

Invitations: The trend will be a lot of recycled paper, people are "Going Green" or being "Eco Chic", very simple clean designs and letter press printing will still be very popular.

Food: The food trend is comfort food. Something simple and appealing to all taste buds with familiar flavors and recipes that we all grew up on. She had a recent wedding where they served a sweet potatoe french fries & they were a huge hit! Mindy is all about making it personal to the couple and adding that special touch to your event, no matter what it is, music or food.

Flowers: We will be seeing a lot of low centerpieces, keeping a intimate, cozy and warm feel throughout the room. We will also be seeing more deep purple shades of flowers, brides are more bold with their color palettes like jewel tones & metallics are still current, although ivory and white will never go out of style.

Music: We all know the typical classical ceremony music, but we are now seeing and will be seeing more personalized music selection either from a movie soundtrack like Rudy the movie for the processional and recessional. Also gospel choirs really add some flavor to your wedding ceremony, especially after saying your vows! During the cocktail hour, it is important to have music. The ipod is a great option in creating personal playlist. A lot of her clients are doing this. For the reception music, although in the past, having a DJ was not the preferred choice of music like a live band was, especially those horrible MC type DJ's ("Let's give it up for the salad" OMG, LOL), however she says with the options and variety a DJ can offer it is definitely something more welcoming at todays weddings. She advised giving the DJ a nice script to follow, to avoid any MC mishaps, I am all over that!! As far as music type, 80's music all the way...great dancing music to keep the party going!

Cocktail Hour: Make sure to keep the cocktail hour at an hour, no more, no less. There is nothing worse than a dragged out cocktail hour. Have music going, silence is never a good thing, this is where an Ipod station would come in handy! A great idea that she suggested, especially if you are on a budget, is to have a "soft bar" and offer wine, beer, champagne and sodas. She advises to stay away from the "signature drink" and staying with classic drinks like a classic martini or cosmo instead of a "Bridetini".

Reception: Whatever you do, make it personal and fun. It's your one and only BIG day, so make they best of it! A popular trend at the reception is "after party food" like grilled cheese sandwiches, sliders (yes...White Castle or Krystal burgers) french fries, or warm chocolate chip cookies and milk served in shot glasses...YUMO! (I really like that) She also places a tray of chocolates on every table, no matter what event. It is an inexpensive touch and the guests always seem to love it. Who does not love chocolate? The Chameleon Chair will be huge for 2009 Wedding Trends

Lighting: Gobos and lightning are not only used to cover up an ugly wall in your venue, but also give the room a beautiful ambiance and hue that fills the room with warmth and coziness. It is a beautiful accent to the overal decor and feel of the room, and if it fits into your budget, go for it! We all know the typical monogram gobos, but now many lighting companies make gobos in beautiful floral patterns like cherry blossoms or roses and it looks fabulous on any wall and gives the room that extra touch of fabulosity!

Favors: Mindy is not a huge fan of favors, she opts for "donations" on behalf of the guest or couple to the organization of your choice. She also loves the little personalized m&m's with the picture on them.

Cake: There are some brides in LA may choose not to have a cake, she ensures EVERY couple has a cake. It makes for a beautiful focal point at the reception and is a must in her book, besides the fact that it is delicious! She loves the idea of a grooms cake, although it is not as popular in LA as it is a southern tradition. She loves the personal aspect it gives to the grooms hobby or personality. Make it fun!

Video: Another MUST in her book. Although she will not bring it up everytime she speaks to her clients, but she will make sure they book this at least by the week prior to the wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about the upcoming 2009 Wedding Trends, but please pick up Mindy's new book "The Wedding Book" it really is a planners & new brides dream!!!

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