July 22, 2008

The Scam Continues..

I received this email this morning! However he did not answer any of the 16 questions about specifics for the ceremony & reception etc. Yet I received the email below....he's way to eager to give me money!!!! We really have never discussed prices outside of my general price list....

Dear Latrice,Good to read from you. I am glad that you accepted to plan my wedding. It is my first wedding and i want it to be a memorable event. The reception should be in a 4 or 5 star hotel. You will be taking care of all this arrangements and decorations. The other arrangements for the other guests will be handled by my logistic agent.

This wedding is been sponsored by my father and we have a budget of over $50,000, so I require first class services. I will be glad to answer all your questions, but i want you to go through the instruction below.

I am glad to tell you that we have concluded all payment arrangements.I will send to you my credit card details that will cover the deposit for you and other vendors you will be working with.Moreover,we also made an arrangement with a logistics agent who will take care of all the other guests logistics to include

.1)Accommodation 2) Flights 3) International Airport transfer 4)Transportation logistics during our stay

However,because of security reasons and confidentiality reposed on you and because they do not have credit card facility,we have decided that only YOU will have to handle the credit card information. I will be making an initial deposit of $2,000 to you for you to start up any arrangements, then subsequently, i will complete the funds as soon as they are needed.

So,once you receive my credit card information,you are required to charge the total amount of { $9,000 + bank charges} then deduct your deposit which is {$2,000} and send the balance of { $7,000} to the logistics whose information will be forwarded to you once this is confirmed So confirm this and provide me with your 1. YOUR FULL NAME 2. ADDRESS 3. PHONE NUMBERS for office records.

You are also to deduct the visa fees and taxes involved in processing this amount.PLEASE CONFIRM IF THIS ARRANGEMENT IS OK AND REPLY PROMPTLY TO ENABLE US PROCEED. All other payments will be made subsequently.

Mr Cross James Allen +447045752007011447045752007

This is really getting crazy, so I am going to contact TBI so they are aware this is happening!!!

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