May 14, 2008

Retailer Spotlight ---- Leslie's Shoppe in Murfreesboro

I wanted to do a retailer spotlight as shower & wedding season is in full swing! Looking for the perfect dress or outfit for your bridal shower or tea? Check out Leslie's Shoppe which is located in The Avenue in Murfreesboro! I am such a fan of The Avenue & also some of the other small boutiques in the city....I LOVE the Boro!!! Ok, now that I got that out....

The day that I visited Leslie's Shoppe, I was greeted by Megan B. who was such a joy to talk to, and shared so much information about the store and fashion, which is always a great sign of excellent customer service.

Check out a few of their accessories:

As far as clothing, they carry many of the populare brands like True Religion & they have really adorable summer dresses which are great for summer showers.

The boutique is located in the Victoria Secret Wing of the shopping center. For more information please call (615) 892-2110 The Boutique owner is Leslie Matthews!

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