March 16, 2008

That's So Cute

As some of you are reading my previous blogs, you will learn that I really love unique personalized items. They speak volumes especially when it comes in the form of stationary items or bags (I love a great monogrammed tote bag as well...!!!!) :-)

Well a few years ago, I met a super talented lady here in Nashville by the name of Pam Council, she is the owner & designer of "That's So Cute" which is a line of hand drawn invitations & notecards. Pam just oozes with talent & she really is the best person to get advice & share ideas, visions or whatever. She is like the older sister I never had. I had the joy of having Pam design a wedding shower card & baby shower invites for a friend & they were "So Cute"
She will do calligraphy for an additional fee.

I sat down with Pam & asked her few questions:

Where do you get your inspiration in designing your cards?
Latrice I get inspiration from the simple things in life like watching my youngest daughter run around the house alone or with one of her playmates. I also notice other children when I'm working or out shopping.

Does your line just center around children?

I like the sweet things that reminds us how precious a new baby is. I also like how special it is for a new mom or any mom expecting her first or fourth child.

Do you design other cards? I like drawing cards that celebrate any special ocassion, epecially a baby shower, birthday or wedding card hand designed for that special couple or newly engaged bride.

Take a look at a few of her designs:

Bridal Bouquets & Wedding Cakes

"The Big Head Series"- These cards would make great birthday invites or if you were really sassy great "Playdate invites for your childs friends. On the 1st row in the middle is the card that she designed for me for a friends baby shower, actually for Rhonda Patton of Rhonda Patton Weddings

Additional card sample ideas for baby shower invites.

If you are a bride that's looking for a custom shower invite, Pam Council of That's So Cute is the designer for you. You can contact her online at

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