March 3, 2008

I hope you dance.....

Many engaged couples spend alot of time thinking about their first dance as husband & wife, and picking just the perfect song that they will dance too. Some couples decide on their favorite song from while they were dating, however alot pick just a classic love song. Etta James love song "At Last" is a popular favorite and for that special father/daughter dance, Luther Vandross "Dance with my father" is another great wedding favorite.

Couples that really want that "perfect first dance", spend countless hours with a dance instructor to learn ballroom, salsa, or swing dances for the perfect 1st moment. Your first dance should be memorable, but also reflective of your personality as a couple. I wanted to share a few of my favorite funny & creative wedding first dances. If you want to go for a shock effect with your wedding guest, this could be an option. What better effect than to bring in the couples fun personality than with these types of 1st dances.

Hope you enjoy watching these as much as I did!!

So as you are thinking about that special moment, remember to add some creativity into it!

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