March 10, 2008

The Big Give

In the spirit of giving, I thought I would do a blog today centered on giving. I am a huge fan of Oprah's Big Give Show that comes on Sunday nights on ABC, so much of a fan that I am considering doing to big give finale party at my house and ask my guest to bring a item & I will donate all gifts to a charitable organization.

I attended a housewarming a few weeks ago of a newlywed couple & they registered for items at Target, Pottery Barn & Bed Bath & Beyond. The housewarming was well attended and they received alot of gifts for their new home. In the spirit of giving before they opened their gifts, they announced that all their gifts would be donated to a domestic violence shelter in Nashville, Davidson County! Of course I teared up, I am a big cry baby! However what a thoughtful thing to do for a housewarming, especially if you & your mate already have many of the things you need.

As your special day is approaching and you are having fun with completing your gift registries, think about your favorite charitable organization in your particular community & ask your guest to donate in your name. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

If you would like to research more organizations check out:  I Do Foundation

This foundation has partnerships with national companies and they allow you to create registries specifically to give back to the community.

Other local charities that you could consider & that are a favorite of mine are:

The MET Singers Honor Choir is the signature program of Choral Arts Link (CAL). As an organization, CAL works to preserve and nurture singing and choral performance for children and youth through programs engaging music’s legacy of scholarship, leadership and teamwork. Music training bridges the gap to any divide and provides a variety of opportunities for students, teachers, parents and the greater community.
The United Way has so many rewarding programs, I participate with the R.H. Boyd Leadership Society, but there are so many other groups to get involved in such as the Read to Succeed campaign. You & your fiance could volunteer your time & invite your guest to do the same.

Joyce Searcy is the President/CEO, and they always welcome volunteers!

In closing, think about "Paying it Forward" or "Giving Big" as your first charitable thing that you and your Fiance will do to create a spirit of giving in your relationship! On They have Big Give "Good Deed Coupons" that you can recreate or use as a model and place on your wedding website, for your guest to return back to you on ways that they can "Give Big or Pay it Forward" in your name.
Give Big....

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